State Tax Exemption

Unparalleled Tax Advice For State Exemption

In Texas, nonprofit organizations must apply with the state tax authority in order to become exempt from corporate income and franchise taxes. Receiving an IRS determination letter does not mean nonprofits are automatically exempt from state taxes. Instead, nonprofits must apply for state tax exemption separately from applying for a 501(c) tax exemption with the IRS.

The landscape of state tax exemption is complicated, as each state has different taxes and exemption requirements.

Whether your nonprofit operates in one or multiple states, obtaining exemptions from income, franchise, sales, and use taxes can consume a great deal of a nonprofit’s staff time and financial resources.

Rubio & Son can help your nonprofit become tax exempt in Texas and other states as needed. A nonprofit specialist will work with you throughout the entire process for a turnkey application preparation process. So not only will you have expert assistance with your tax exemption application, but you’ll be able to use the money you save on taxes to further your mission.

Let us simplify your state filings so you can remain focused on your mission.

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